Optimize your staffing opportunities with KDM, through full time and temporary job placement. Take a look at the many exciting services we offer!

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Our Services

Dental Office Services:

Optimize your staffing opportunities with KDM, through full time and temporary job placement. KDM's on-line services allow the dental practice to:

  • Manage their demographic information
  • Place permanent and temporary job orders
  • View existing orders
  • Peruse account information

KDM will assign a password to access the above on-line services.

Direct Placement
Paging services for emergency placement (Calgary and surrounding area).

Temporary Placement Fee: $35.00 per day
The client is responsible for withholding deductions at source and paying the temporary employee directly.

Payment to the temporary employee may be at the end of the assignment, or through your payroll within two weeks, unless other arrangements have been made. The client is invoiced the placement fee by KDM.

Permanent Placement Fee
Full and part-time permanent placement is based on 2% of the annual salary up to:
Dental Hygienists $725.00 Maximum
Dental Receptionists $725.00 Maximum
Dental Assistants $725.00 Maximum

Please note, there is a minimum placement fee of $300.00

(Temporary rates will apply should the auxiliary no longer be employed by the practice and KDM is unable to find another suitable candidate.)

Please be advised that if any dental auxiliary provided by KDM is requested within six months of the completion of that auxiliary's assignment, KDM reserves the right to charge a placement fee. Representatives of KDM are required to report additional assignments to KDM. KDM Dental College International Inc. accepts no liability regarding staff placement.

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Mission Statement
To give employers and auxiliaries in the dental community a service that will provide optimum opportunity to establish quality short term or long term employment relationships.
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